FIFA Futsal Rules

The rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique, ball control and passing in small spaces. The rules also keep the game at a fast pace and encourage playing forward. The rules create a safe environment by reinforcing minimum physical contact which helps the players to focus on footwork and skills.

  • Fouls: No charging or displacing the opponent with arms or body. Don’t fight physically to gain possession of the ball. After 5 accumulated fouls the next fouls no matter how far they are from your own goal are taking as penalty kicks. (Second penalty mark)

  • For the side kick the ball has to be stationary and both the ball and the player have to be on the line or behind the line. The opponent team has to clear the area in front of the ball by 5 meters. This helps to make a short, easy pass. this is an indirect kick.

  • For the goal clearance the goalkeeper throws the ball any where on the field outside the keeper’s area.

  • If the ball is saved by the keeper; the ball is "live" and the keeper can; punt it, dribble or throw it anywhere on the field even inside the keeper’s area.

  • The keeper is allowed to touch the ball only once and no more the 4 seconds per possession. (The keeper becomes a field player on the apposite side)

  • Any restart of the game; sidekicks, goal clearance, kick off, etc. have to be within 4 seconds.