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Only 10 players per game, no subs. One game is 55-60 minutes. Be early. Every player rotates as a Goalie for 6 minutes, time it with an electronic scoreboard. We play without a break. Regulation size goals with nets. Futsal ball. Please make sure to bring a white and a red t-shirt, indoor shoes. Games are competitive, but friendly. Please keep in mind that these games are definitely not for the beginners.

No fouls, zero tolerance to this. “Futsal is not a physical but a technical game”. Minimum physical contact means fewer injuries and no violence. No charging, no displacing with your arms or body to gain the position on the ball. No running into the opponent. Play the ball, not the player. Time it, don’t foul it.

Refunds: Cancel your RSVP 24 hours or more before the game and we will make the refund. No refund for late cancelations; no exceptions.

Name of the school William J. O’Shea (100W): The school entrance is located on West 77th street between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues (pretty much in the middle of the block) on the south side of the street. You’ll see a row of 5-6 metal doors. Open the door or ring the buzzer (on your right), Please wait and someone will open the door for you. the court is on the second floor.

For questions: Use the MEETUP message and notifications tools.

Post pictures and videos at:

Enjoy the game!

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