New York Futsal is open for ALL players & teams, regardless of their club, level and/or school affiliation.
Games (2, 20 min. halves) with New York Futsal licensed referees, are held once a week or every other week [depending on division] for 10 weeks.. The last week is a single elimination tournament to determine each division’s champion and runner-up.
Teams will have a squad of between 8 and 12 players, with 8 t,he min. and 12 the max.You can roster a whole team butonly those playing
The League is games weekly for 10 games and finals with a US Soccer Futsal referee (2, 20 min. halves). The Academy ($450) is for players looking to participate in high level technical and tactical futsal training sessions as well as participate at the state, regional and national level tournaments.This will begin in 2015 Training ($450) is a Coaching program that meets once a week for an hour with a heavy concentration on improving individual ball handling skills/footwork (no games). Coaching and Development league is20 minutes of training and round robin playing
New York Fuysal’s Training and Academy programs are designed to complement, not compete with, a player’s club soccer training. We place a heavy focus on player development aimed at improving technical ability and their game awareness/tactical decision making while club/town teams tend to stress formations and style of play. New York Futsal’s League is a great way for your school/club team (or you can sign-up as a “free agent”) to play small sided, competitive games on a fast pace court surface with no walls which will better enhance individual player development and decision making with and without the ball.
New York Futsal is committed to maintaining its independence and objectivity with the sole objective of improving player development; we are NOT a club . Although we utilize the support and cooperation of soccer coaches from many neighboring soccer programs, we have a strict “no recruiting policy.” Soccer players from one club can rest assured that they will never be pressured to join other clubs in the course of playing futsal with our program. In addition, our independence and objectivity are reflected in the fact that we provide equal, unbiased selection process to all players in our Academy “open tryout”.
League: $1600 team, $250 a player [recreation] plus $15 dollar registration with US Youth Soccer Training: $50 a session=$450-10 sessions
New York Futsal is open for any/all players, you do not have to try-out to participate. The only try-out is for our Academy and that is open for players of all abilities. We run pre-Season Clinic to determine levels.Regardless of the program(s) chosen, New York Futsal prides itself on placing players in the best training and game environment that will help challenge and enhance their development.
Because New York Futsal is an active member of US Youth Soccer, you’re $15 annual membership fee (regardless if you’re playing in the League, Training or in the Academy), covers all participants under their master policy.